A simple to use, cross platform slideshow/divx/dvd maker for your photos and videos. Among various features: transition effects, background music, text captions.

Friday, 3 January 2014

New release 0.5.0 Alpha

Version 0.5 comes after a long period (one year and an half) in which I dedicated myself to more enjoyable things, like family and climbing... Also this version introduced a lot of changes, so it is an alfa version....
Here is the list of changes:
- added a plugin-support structure
- added a plugin manager in settings tab
- added a plugin for youtube file managing
- added a plugin for powerpoint import
- now all settings are saved per user
- now all settings are stored in an internal database
- general refactory of the GUI (main, settings, )
- general refactory of the batch executor engine
- batch executor jobs are now managed in a pool
- added red eyes reduction effect
- added the possibility of cutting an image
- added horizontal/vertival mirror effects
- many bugs have been fixed

Please remember that it is an alpha RC version, in the next beta version we will hopefully fix more things.

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